The Holidays - Voices Drifting. Music Video. 2013

Directed and Produced by William Mansfield

Music video for Sydney band The Holidays. Voices Drifting is the first single taken from their second album Real Feel, due for release in early 2014 through Liberation Music.

We shot the clip in an outdoor pool in the middle of winter, as we discovered the pool heater was broken. The idea was that I would perform the song underwater in one breath, but if I couldn't last the duration the concept kinda falls apart - so the pressure was on. I spent weeks practicing by slowing down my heart rate and singing the song with my head in a bucket of water. With the cold it was hard to calm myself, thankfully we had a crew of people warming me between takes and giving me eye drops for the chlorine. We shot about 15 aborted takes and it was getting very frustrating for everybody, in the end I resolved to stay under even if I ran out of breath, you might be able to see this happens at the end of the 2nd verse... it was extremely uncomfortable but I didn't drown, we got one full take and that's the clip!
-Simon Jones, The Holidays

Cast: Simon Jones
Band Members: Simon Jones, Al Kortt and Andrew Kerridge
Crew: Zoltan Blazer, RIck Mansfield, Will Magnus, Danny Callaghan, Angela Raven and Claire Magnus